Would you like to be our guest at Sergüzest?

1. Follow us at Instagram; @serguzestotel

2. post a photo of yourself, telling the biggest adventure (sergüzeşt) of yours.

3. put #serguzestotel hashtag, mention us @serguzestotel and tell your story by 1-2 sentences.

4. make sure that your account is not private, so that we can see it.


The contest is for instagram only.

It ends by the 28th of August 2016 at 17:00. The winner will be announced at 31st of August, 2016.

The winner will be able to stay with a guest of his at famous room nr10; (inc. bed&breakfast).

The offer is valid for weekdays (sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday) and excludes bank holiday periods. The availability should be checked minimum 3 days before.

The offer is valid until 31th of December.

Bonnes chances!


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