Where to go in Büyükada?


If you spare a weekend for Büyükada, there are plenty of things to do there. Let's discover together.

Aya Yorgi Church:

Especially crowded in April and September. People go there to wish in 23rd of April and it becomes real they come back in on 24th of September.

Büyükada Hesed Le Avraam Synagouge:

Also known as Büyükada Synagouge. Built in the time of Abdülhamit the 2nd. Open in summer months.

Hamidiye Mosque:

Built in the time of Abdülhamit the 2nd.

Chapelle of Aya Todori:

A little chapelle in Maden.

Panayia Church

Dedicated to the death of Mother Mary.

BüyükadaFerry Quay:

Ottoman Neo - Classical piece. akım eseridir, built in 1914.


Open everyday except Monday. Free of charge on Wednesdays.

Büyükada Lale Open Theathre

It has been open since 1952, located in Çınar square.

Clock Tower

Built in 1923, the Clock Tower is one the symbols of Büyükada.


Island tours (Grand tour ve short tour):

Picnic in Dilburnu

Enjoying swimming in Büyükada Watersports Club

Visiting Prinko Palas

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